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Fireworks Safety PSA

The Fourth of July is a day we all love to celebrate. What better way to mark the day the U.S. won its independence from Great Britain, bringing families and friends together for the great American tradition of BBQ? During a day of celebration, it can be easy to forget basic safety guidelines After all, who wants to follow or even think about all the “don’ts” when you’re having fun? Don’t dive into the shallow end of the pool, don’t go swimming in the ocean after dark, don’t play with fireworks.

Although there are so many “don’ts”, it’s important to remember the reason for these guidelines: Safety for you and your loved ones. All too often we hear stories of people starting the day with celebration and ending it in the emergency room.

July 4th without fireworks is like Rocky without his steps. A celebration isn’t complete without an iconic visual. However, when amateurs operate fireworks, there is a possibility of losing a finger, your sight, or even your life. In 2016, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported at least four deaths and about 11,100 injuries that required medical treatment after firework-related injuries. This includes seemingly harmless explosives like sparklers and firecrackers.

The City of Glendale has a zero tolerance policy for all fireworks. All personal fireworks, including the ‘safe and sane’ varieties, are illegal in the City of Glendale. We encourage you to have a fun Fourth of July celebration, but please, be safe. Don’t use fireworks at home or in the park, go out and see a beautifully choreographed, and expertly executed, fireworks show!


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