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GCCPromise Provides Tuition-Free Education to First-Time Vaqueros

While everything around us constantly changes, there’s one thing we can count on staying the same: paying for college is tough and expensive.

Glendale Community College believes no one should be discouraged from continuing their education, and with GCCPromise first-time students could attend their first year of college for free!

Thanks to funding in the 2018-19 California Budget Act, the California Community College Chancellor’s Office established the California College Promise Program to “increase the number of high school students enrolling ‘college-ready’ directly into the California Community Colleges, the number of students successfully completing a career education goal or transferring, and reducing and eliminating achievement gaps.”

To be eligible for GCCPromise, students must be:

  • A first-time, degree-seeking college student

  • Enrolled at GCC in at least 12 units

  • A California Resident

  • FAFSA or CADAA applicant for 2018/19

Although the fall semester has already started, students who qualify can apply to receive GCCPromise funding for the 2018/2019 school year. Dreamers are eligible for this opportunity.

Learn more about GCCPromise. If you have additional questions, please contact Christina Tangalakis.


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