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Glendale Central Library's ReflectSpace

Glendale Central Library’s ReflectSpace hosted the “I am: Narratives of the Holocaust” exhibit. The event ran through January hosting Steven J. Ross, author of Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood and America. Ross kicked off the event with an author reception and spoke about his book. Ross’ book, which ranked #5 on the LA Time Bestseller’s List, tells a chilling story of a Jewish spy ring in Los Angeles. The event concluded with L’Dough V’Dough, which paired Holocaust survivors with the next generation of kids and adults to braid, bake, and break bread! This ReflectSpace event was featured in LA Weekly!

ReflectSpace is a new exhibition space designed to explore and reflect on major human atrocities, genocides, and civil rights violation.

The space continues its series of thought-provoking events with “in|visible: Negotiating the US-Mexico Border,” an exhibition of visual, technological, and performative narratives that reflect on the permanence and permeability of the US-Mexico border. “in|visible” aims to bring attention to the border as not only a physical, familial and cultural impediment, but also as the fault line of interdependence of two countries. Artists Dulce Pinzón, Claudia Cano, Teresita de la Torre, Tom Kiefer and Joan Zierhut address the visible and invisible impact of the border on lives of those on either side. Click here for more information and dates for this riveting event.


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