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Glendale Community Prayer Breakfast: an Ode to Spiritual Beliefs

Glendale's City Council is revered for its ability to foster relations with local organizations -- nurturing culture and community throughout the city. The Glendale Gives Thanks Community Prayer Breakfast on November 9th is a prime example of the fruit these relations bear. Hosted by the Glendale Religious Leaders Association (GRLA), and in cooperation with the City of Glendale, the breakfast is an ode to all spiritual beliefs, and the values that bond our diverse community.

Formally the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast, this community gathering transcends specific religions to facilitate the "meaningful expression of love and prayer for our city," according to the event's webpage. The breakfast has occurred annually in Glendale for the past 54 years.

The idea of breaking fast to promote love for fellow Americans extends far beyond the City of Glendale, all the way back to the 1930's, and all the way into the White House. It all started with Abraham Vereide, a Methodist Minister in Seattle who found that prayer was an effective way to start a dialogue between people with diverse political ideologies. Vereide brought people from all ends of the political and professional spectrum together to tackle one of the biggest issues of the Great Depression era: poverty.

Vereide's initiative quickly spread to other major US cities before finally landing in our Nation's capital in 1942. The breakfast's success in bonding seemingly disparate communities peaked the interests of US Senators, House Representatives, and President Dwight Eisenhower -- all of whom attended the first National Prayer Breakfast in 1953.

The Glendale Gives Thanks Community Prayer Breakfast embodies Vereide's desire to foster compassion and understanding in a community, and opens its doors to all people of all spiritual beliefs.

"These prayer breakfasts indiscriminately strengthen the bonds of the Glendale community," said Glendale Mayor Vartan Gharpetian. "Nothing beats the warmth and comradery they bring each year."

This year's breakfast will take place on Thursday, November 9th at the Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 7:00AM, breakfast is served at 7:30AM, and the program starts at 8:00AM. Deb Carson, the award-winning TV and radio personality, is the event's featured speaker.

Tickets can be bought here. Early-bird pricing ends October 31st.


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