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Glendale Named SWAT Team of the Year

On November 6, 2018, the Glendale Police Department SWAT team was awarded SWAT Team of the Year by the California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO). Over 500 law enforcement personnel representing teams from the State of California attended the event.

The Glendale Police Department SWAT team earned this award based upon their outstanding efforts in the tactical community, demonstration of teamwork, marksmanship, physical fitness, community outreach and leadership.

The Glendale SWAT team consists of 44 sworn officers: 22 operators (including 5 snipers), 3 team leaders, 3 K9 officers, Air Support capable of deploying officers, 14 crisis negotiators, a team paramedic, 3 EMT’s, two lieutenants and one captain.

The officers are trained and equipped to work as a coordinated team to resolve critical incidents that are so hazardous, complex, or unusual that they may exceed the capabilities of first responders or investigative units including, but not limited to, hostage taking, barricaded suspects, snipers, terrorist acts and other high-risk incidents.

The SWAT team may also be used to serve high-risk warrants, both search and arrest, where public and officer safety issues warrant the use of such a unit. The concept of a special weapons and tactics teams was implemented in the 1960’s by the Los Angeles Police Department. Since that time, law enforcement agencies across the country have realized the need for specially trained and equipped police personnel to resolve an ever-increasing number of dangerous situations. The Glendale Police Department SWAT team participates in many community events throughout the year to show case and educate the public about the role of the team. The team has also taught many classes to Glendale residents, businesses, schools, religious institutions, hospitals and city personnel on what to do during “Active Shooter” events.


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