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Glendale Tech Week 2022

As Glendale continues to emerge as a regional hub for technology and innovation, this year's Glendale Tech Week attracted over 800 local and regional attendees. Standout events included Meet the Funders featuring high-level executives from venture capital firms, angel investors and entrepreneurial hubs.

A few highlights of the events were:

  • PitchFest Winner: Arthur Young of InvVaxx, is a firm focused on developing the next generation of vaccines. InvVaxx is working to commercialize the world’s first universal influenza vaccine. The InvVaxx team is currently working to demonstrate safety in pre-clinical studies in preparation of Phase I of their clinical trial.

  • Rising Star Award: Andre Numamade, a sophomore at Glendale Community College, is currently the Chairman of GCC's Business Club, where he serves as the spokesperson for a team of over 15 bright and hardworking students.

  • Cutting Edge Technology Award: Limbix is a digital health company, founded in 2016, whose mission is to improve mental health through accessible technology. The Limbix team is comprised of psychologists, researchers, scientists, product designers, and engineers.

  • Glendale Young Entrepreneur Award: Karen Khachikyan, Co-Founder & CEO of Expper Technologies, a graduate of Glendale’s HeroHouse Accelerator. Their signature product is Robin the Robot, a tool to overcome children’s anxieties while undergoing any type of medical treatment.


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