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GWP Electric Bill Discount Programs Available

Glendale Water & Power offers five public benefit programs to provide electric bill discounts to eligible customers. For program guidelines and how to apply, click on the title of each program listed below.

Glendale Care - Income-qualified customers may be eligible to receive a monthly discount of $17.50 discount on the GWP electric bill, or $35 on a bi-monthly bill.

Utility Users Tax Exemption (UUTE) - The Utility Users Tax is charged to all users of electricity, water, gas, telephone, and cable services within the City of Glendale. GWP offers two types of exemptions, senior and disabled.

Guardian - Running medical equipment around-the-clock can get expensive and raise electric bills each month. The Guardian Program provides monthly bill discounts to GWP residential customers who have household members using qualified doctor prescribed medical equipment or are suffering from afflictions requiring special space conditioning.

Helping Hand - This Program assists eligible income-qualified customers who are experiencing a temporary financial emergency and having trouble paying for their utility services by providing $150 towards a bill payment or deposit.

Off-Peak EV Charging Rebate - The Off-Peak EV Charging Rebate program encourages Glendale EV drivers to charge their vehicles overnight on weekdays between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m. the next day and any time on the weekend in exchange for a monthly incentive of $8.


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