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GWP Restores Power

The highly anticipated storm that barreled through Southern California this week truly tested the reliability of Glendale Water and Power. As you might have experienced since Tuesday, there were a few power outages that GWP was able to restore in a short period of time. There were two more power outages that struck Glendale last night. Thankfully, the dependable crews at GWP were able to get the power back on.

At approximately 9:15 p.m., several fallen tree branches downed power lines in and around the Rossymone area causing an outage. The outage initially knocked out power to 2,100 customers. Our GWP crews worked quickly and throughout the night, restoring power to about 1,000 customers within the first hour of the outage being reported.

The second power outage occurred early this morning at the Columbus site where we had a minor vault malfunction due to storm water intrusion. Our GWP crews continued working from dusk through dawn and successfully restored power this morning.

When they’re not working to bring back power from fallen lines, our GWP crews are working to improve and maintain Glendale’s infrastructure and reliability. Check out their latest project in the Adam’s Hill Neighborhood!

Want to see how Glendale keeps the lights on? Check out!


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