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GWP's New & Improved Customer Service Portal is Now Available!

Glendale Water & Power is excited to announce the launch of MYGWP, their new and improved billing and payment portal. This new portal is more user-friendly and has upgraded and improved customer service tools, along with payment and billing services. Some of the features are:

  • View, print, or download your bills

  • Go green and enroll in paperless billing

  • View payment history

  • Make a quick payment

  • Set up a payment plan

  • Start, Transfer, or Stop Service

  • Sign up for AutoPay

Current Customers Using GWP’s Online Billing and Payment System

Current customers will need to re-register and establish a new username and password for MYGWP. Please have your GWP account number, and your mailing address zip code, and use the link below. Your current registered email address will remain the same. If you receive both eBill, and paper bills, you will no longer receive paper bills. If you prefer receiving paper bills, you may make the change once you log-in to your account.

Customers New to GWP’s Online Payment & Billing System

If you are registering for MYGWP for the first time you will need your GWP account number, mailing address zip code, and email address.

(The preferred web browsers for MYGWP portal are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Please do not use Internet Explorer.)

The same email address cannot be used to register multiple MYGWP usernames. Please contact GWP to discuss the possibility of joining your accounts for ease in viewing under one username. The MYGWP portal can be accessed from any device including phones and tablets. Please make sure to bookmark the MYGWP link for easier access.

If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact GWP Customer Services at or 1-855-550-4497.


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