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Mountain Street/Verdugo Road Traffic Signal Improvement

The City of Glendale continues to work with the community to address the on-going community concerns pertaining to the traffic calming measures and the cut-through traffic in Rossmoyne Neighborhood. The City held a public meeting, which was well attended, on November 4, 2019. The City presented the traffic improvement measures under consideration and the timelines for the implementation of the plan in three phases. Based on the Residential / Community feedback, the City will move forward to implement Phase I of the plan which consists of converting one left lane on Mountain Street (East bound) to Verdugo Road (North bound) back to a through lane on Mountain Street (East bound).

The scheduling to implement Phase I of the plan is as follows:

  • Monday, December 2nd - Place Changeable Message Board facing east bound Mountain St. to advise motorists of upcoming change in traffic pattern on Dec. 13th.

  • Friday, December 6th – Traffic Engineering to modify traffic signal timing to accommodate change in traffic pattern.

  • Friday, December 13th – City crew will implement signing/striping modifications.

  • Monday, December 16th – This will be first Monday that typical commuter traffic will see the modifications.

After the implementation of Phase I, more studies will be conducted to evaluate and implement Phases II and III. Phase II consists of traffic signal modifications at the intersections of Glenoaks Blvd./Jackson St. and Glenoaks Blvd./Geneva St. As for Phase III, the plan consists of traffic signal modifications at the intersection of Glenoaks Blvd./Rossmoyne St./Ethel St. as well as further study for the intersection of Glenoaks Blvd./Glendale Ave. intersection

There will be more public outreach prior to the implementation of Phases II and III.


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