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New Partnership Brings Low-cost Repairs to Historic Homes

The Glendale Historical Society (TGHS) has formed a partnership with San Gabriel Valley (SGV) Habitat for Humanity to launch a Home Preservation Program to assist low-income property owners in Glendale with the restoration and maintenance of their older and historic homes. Under this new program, TGHS and SGV Habitat will identify owner-occupied homes that need refurbishment and will offer exterior home repair services so that our neighbors can continue to live in safe and well-maintained homes for years to come.

Some of the services may include roof and window repair, weatherization, painting, yard clean up and landscaping.

Families will be selected by SGV Habitat based on income, need and willingness to help.

TGHS will solicit volunteer labor and donated materials to keep down costs. Participating homeowners will pay for the repairs through an affordable 0% interest home improvement loan or when the property is sold. Administered by SGV Habitat, loan payments will be placed in a revolving fund to support the program and serve other eligible homeowners.

For more information or to apply, see this flyer, visit or call (626) 709-3269.

TGHS is also hosting a restoration Expo on Sunday, May 6 from 10 AM-4 PM. The expo will help educate the community about maintaining the character of older homes. Click here for the schedule and more information.


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