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Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) Project

The City’s first Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) Project at the Verdugo Road and Oakwood Avenue intersection, adjacent to Glorietta Park, is complete! The PHB is a Federal and State approved traffic control device designed to help pedestrians safely cross busy or higher-speed roadways at midblock and uncontrolled intersections. The beacon consists of two red lenses above a single yellow lens. The lenses remain "dark" until a pedestrian desiring to cross the street pushes the call button to activate the beacon. The signal then initiates a yellow to red lighting sequence consisting of steady and flashing lights, which directs motorists to slow down and come to a stop. The pedestrian signal flashes a WALK then a Don’t Walk display to the pedestrian. Once the pedestrian has safely crossed, the hybrid beacon again goes dark. The City has received positive feedback from the community regarding this new, innovative pedestrian safety enhancement.


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