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Public Works Local Roadway Safety Plan

The City of Glendale has developed its first comprehensive Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP) that would enable the City to identify potential traffic safety projects. As an effort to reduce fatal and severe injury collisions, the City conducted a comprehensive collisions analysis through the LRSP to identify safety corridors and intersections with the highest collisions frequency and severity.

The objectives are to develop a successful LRSP utilizing a collision database and with the input of the City’s Traffic Safety Committee, create a decision-making process that relies on a partnership with stakeholders and public outreach using the four “E” of traffic safety: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Services. Also, the LRSP will be essential for the City to qualify for future safety funding. Visit the City’s LRSP project website, and subscribe to receive notifications about LRSP progress. Send us an email and tell us about your safety concerns,

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