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Receive a Free Smart Thermostat and Energy/Water Use Display

It’s easy to keep track of your electric and water use when it’s displayed right in front of you. Knowing how much you use can help you change your habits and help you save!

Glendale Water and Power's In-Home Display and Thermostat Program provides a digital picture frame that displays your near real-time electric and water usage, conservation messages, and personal pictures that you may choose to upload. You also receive a smart thermostat that can be controlled from anywhere through a smartphone app or online portal.

The best part? You receive both of these devices and installation at no cost!

In order to qualify you must meet the guidelines below:

  • Live in a single family home

  • Have a central AC system in your home

  • Have an internet connection at home

  • Live in a home without solar panels

For more information and to apply for the program, click here.


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