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Reducing Waste at Home

The City of Glendale saw an increase in residential trash during the County's "Safer at Home" emergency order. Here are some simple changes you can make to reduce waste at home, protect our resources, and keep waste to a minimum:

  • Complete a trash inventory! See exactly what you are throwing away and categorize based on amount. Generally, you’ll find food waste, napkins and/or paper towels, plastic packaging and mail.

  • Try composting food scraps in your back yard or outdoor area! There are different methods, such as, the Soilsaver Classic Composter, the Wriggley Wranch Bin, and Bokashi. Research these methods to find the best one for you. Use the end product for your or your neighbor’s garden. Visit our website for information on how to obtain a compost bin.

  • Purchase reusable items! If your waste inventory has large amounts of paper towels, plastic water bottles, and other single-use items, it’s time for a change. Consider purchasing a water filter and reusable water bottles, napkins, kitchen and bath towels, tote bags for shopping and face masks. When ordering take-out, request no utensils and napkins.

  • Reuse items! Reuse items such as glass jars and other food containers that would otherwise be thrown out. Take notice of your next purchases and think on how you can repurpose them creatively.


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