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Relative of First Glendale Mayor Visits Parcher Plaza

Wilmot Parcher was the 1st Mayor of Glendale. His son, Carroll “Mr. Glendale” Parcher, was the 35th. On Thursday, May 3, 2018, the City of Glendale hosted a surprise visit from Greg Parcher, Wilmot Parcher’s great, great grandson. Here is a brief history of their family’s service to the City of Glendale.

Glendale’s Board of Trustees was established in 1906, before ratification of the City’s Charter. Wilmot Parcher was among the first slate of candidates to serve on the Board and represent the City’s residents. He was elected on February 7, 1906. At their first public meeting on February 21, 1906, his fellow board members unanimously voted to appoint Parcher as Chairman. Although the chairman of the Board was technically designated as “president,” the holder was commonly referred to as “mayor,” making Wilmot Parcher the first Mayor of Glendale.

The fledgling city made great strides under Wilmot’s leadership. At the Board’s first public meeting, Wilmot created the City’s administrative skeleton, appointing committees for public works, sanitation, police, and more. He also established a schedule of public meetings, proposed the adoption of the City’s seal, and passed a motion to purchase three bulletin boards for community notices.

Wilmot Parcher served as Mayor until September, 1908. He was elected to continue his service, but resigned in hopes of devoting more time to his business and his health.

But the Parchers' legacy of community service did not end with Wilmot. Wilmot’s son, Carroll Parcher, continued the tradition as Glendale’s 35th mayor in 1977. And for the first time in Glendale’s history, Parcher was reelected as Mayor three times thereafter. He served four terms total: 1977-1978, 1979-1980, 1980-1981, and 1984-1985.

As reported by the LA Times, “Parcher has been acclaimed for his ability to effect compromise among opposing parties, helping to resolve disputes over such issues as controls over hillside development, angle parking and the median strip design of Brand Boulevard downtown.”

Carroll’s heroic dedication to the City of Glendale, and his Glendale NewsPress column “In My Opinion,” earned him the title of “Mr. Glendale.” Glendale’s Parcher Plaza is named in his memory.

Greg Parcher, Mr. Glendale’s great grandson, visited the plaza with his namesake on Thursday, May 3, 2018. He too has a history of public service. Greg spends his time volunteering for two communities: his hometown of Hanover, Maryland, and the city he currently lives in, College Park, Maryland. He currently works for the Federal Government as a Geographic Information System Analyst and transportation specialist.


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