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Rolled Ice Cream Comes to Glendale!

Trendy foods catch on fast in Los Angeles. There have been obsessions with delicious boba drinks, intricately decorated doughnuts, and even kale! Similarly, rolled ice cream has become an online and mouthwatering fascination. I’m sure you’ve scrolled through Instagram and found yourself watching a video of someone pouring liquid onto a frozen surface, dicing in toppings, then rolling the final product into perfect…well, rolls.

While Glendale foodies, or “Goodies,” have had to travel outside Glendale to find these picture-perfect delights, the Rolling Factory has opened up at 138 S Brand Blvd and is ready to fill your cravings! Craft your customized treat with a variety of bases, mix-ins, toppings, and drizzles. You can eve n switch out your cup for a waffle cone! Based in Downtown Glendale, the Rolling Factory is

easy to get to after a day of shopping, watching movies, or strolling through the lively area.

Photo Courtesy: Rolling Factory

You can find the Rolling factory on Yelp, or check them out on’s Rolled Ice Cream Guide to Los Angeles!


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