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SGCP – Shaping the Future of Our City

Glendale, CA – South Glendale’s Draft Community Plan is here. That’s a pretty big deal. Plans like these are what map the future of our city. They take years to make, and can last for decades. To put it in perspective, the last community plan was passed in 1973—when Richard Nixon was President, and floppy disks were state-of-the-art. A lot has changed since then.

With such an important plan on the horizon, it is imperative that Glendale residents get involved in the process. This City belongs to its residents, and the plan we build today will shape the future of tomorrow. That’s why we – the City of Glendale – urge our residents to attend the South Glendale Community Plan meeting on March 7th. We want every voice heard in the creation of this shared vision.

If you cannot attend the March 7th meeting, please consider commenting on the South Glendale Community Plan’s Draft Environmental Impact Report by clicking here. To read the draft plan online, go to


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