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Summer Conservation Tips with GWP

Do your part and help avoid any service interruptions during high temperatures this summer. Please conserve energy when GWP sends out any conservation alerts or Peak Day alerts asking customers to take steps to conserve during certain hours of the day. Below are some helpful energy conservation tips:

  • ​Avoid using the stove, oven, or other major appliances during the hottest times of the day. Consider cooking outside to prevent your home from heating up and your AC from working too hard.

  • Use a fan instead of your AC. Remember, fans cool people not rooms.

  • Close curtains or shades to rooms. The sunlight can increase the temperature in rooms by 3-5 degrees. Thick curtains or drapes also prevent cold air from escaping. 

  • Properly seal around windows, doors, around recessed lights and vents to prevent from cooler air escaping your home. 

  • Replace incandescent and CFL lights throughout your home with LEDs. LEDs are more efficient, do not heat up and last longer.

  • Consider replacing your thermostat with an EnergyStar or smart thermostat to be able to control temperature settings from your phone.  

  • Use power strips to plug in phone chargers and other small appliances or electronics with digital clocks or timers. Chargers still use electricity if they aren't charging your phone. By simply turning off one switch to the power strip you turn off the vampire loads. ​

  • Check out our Marketplace for discounts on LED lights, power strips, smart thermostats. and much more. 

  • Use your clothes washer and dishwasher for full loads only. During Peak Day Alerts put off using major appliances until after 8:00 p.m.

  • Turn off lights when they are not in use.

Click here for more energy saving tips.


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