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The Five Corridor Traffic Signal Synchronization Project

Traffic Signal Synchronization is an engineering technique of managing traffic signal green lights at successive intersections along a street corridor to maximize the efficiency of vehicle progression. Traffic signal synchronization works by calculating the arrival time for a group (i.e., platoon) of vehicles at each intersection that are traveling at the designated posted speed limit. The traffic signals are designed to optimize traffic flow and minimize delay at each intersection, however, if motorists are traveling above the posted speed limit, they would arrive early at the next intersection and encounter a red light.

Glendale plans to implement the optimized and synchronized signal timing for up to 50 signalized intersections along major five corridors in the downtown area, including, Central Avenue, Brand Boulevard, Glendale Avenue, Broadway, and Colorado Street. The optimized timing will also include leading pedestrian interval timing to improve safety and walkability in the downtown area. This is part of the Regional Arterial Traffic Performance Measurement System (RATPeMS) Project.

Learn more here.

Visit the new TS Synchronization Project webpage here.


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