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Tree Removals and Measures to be Taken to Save Others

Out of the abundance of caution and number of tree incidents that have occurred here and in our neighboring cities, Glendale routinely uses West Coast Arborists (WCA) to do tree assessments. This past summer 2 large trees fell in Verdugo Park, luckily no one was injured.

In late June WCA conducted a tree assessment at Verdugo Park. The assessment noted that 2 Sycamore trees, 10 redwoods, 1 ash and 1 pine need to be removed. There are 14 additional trees that will need a Level 3 assessment with a tomographic device (internal imaging). The assessment noted that soil compaction was the main reason for poor tree health. WCA will also conduct radial trenching on 10 trees to see if we can improve the health of and save the trees. Radial trenching can be seen in this video

The preservation of our urban forest is a high priority for the city, yet we have to balance it with the safety of the park patrons. In the coming weeks 14 trees, for aforementioned reasons, will be removed and another 14 assessed and hopefully saved. Radial trenching is expected to begin on September 11, 2018. Community Service & Parks will be identifying large native trees to replace those removed.

Should you have questions please contact Community Services & Parks at 818-548-2054.


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