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Utility Fraud Calls

Glendale Water & Power impersonators may use “spoofing software” that lets them falsely display the name and phone number of GWP on your Caller ID. The impersonator calls asking you to pay your bill over the phone immediately or go and purchase a prepaid card and call back the impersonator or else your water or power service will be shut off immediately. Be advised that GWP NEVER asks you for payment information over the phone or in person at your business or home. You should first call GWP or check your account online, or with our mobile app GWP Mobile My Connect to see if your bill is past due. If you get a cancellation notification by phone from our pre-recorded system always verify it by dialing the customer service number on your utility bill or 855-550-4497. Don't give any information to the caller, not even an account number which can be used against you in future phone calls. These types of phone calls are very convincing and the caller will try every attempt to get you or your employees to pay. Educate all your employees about phone calls that may threaten service interruptions. Many times managers or employees who do not have account information are worried if they don't act quickly and pay, services will be shut off.

Check the status of your account at anytime at Payments for GWP bills can always be made using our website here, through our Mobile App Mobile My Connect or through our prerecorded telephone IVR system 855-550-4497.

Program Enrollment Solicitation:

Glendale Water & Power has many incentive programs for low-income, residential and business customers. Please be aware GWP NEVER visits residential customers at their homes to enroll customers in any type of low-income or residential program. There are many GWP impersonators visiting residential and business customers to enroll them into a “solar rebate” program. GWP is not contracted with any specific vendor to promote or enroll customers in its Solar Solutions program.

GWP currently has a small business and residential Smart Home Upgrade program and has contracted with Richard Heath and Associates (RHA).These contractors will always call customers to schedule appointments, and have proper GWP identification.

GWP Procedures:

If customers receive a visit from any person claiming they are a GWP employee and have any uncertainty, they should ask the individual to wait outside while they call GWP to verify identification. If you are contacted by phone, ask for a call back number for verification. Our customers should never feel embarrassed or feel a sense of urgency or pressure to provide personal information, or be coerced into signing up for programs.

  • All GWP employees will always show their GWP identification, which includes the employee’s photo.

  • At all times GWP employees will provide the GWP’s office number if someone wants to verify their identity.

  • GWP employees mitigating meter issues can enter private property and will arrive in GWP marked vehicles between 7:00 am and 6:00 p.m.

  • GWP employees never call customers and ask for payment information over the phone. Payments can be made through our website and through our telephone IVR system, never with a live person over the phone.

  • Only on rare occasions would GWP employees need to enter a resident’s home. That is with prior notification.

  • GWP employees never enter a home to check water quality.

  • Water quality visits are never unscheduled, and water is tested at the outdoor hose bib.

  • For incentive program information GWP customers should visit GWP's residential or business programs web pages, or call 855-550-4497.

  • Contractors of GWP will make appointments with business customers prior to any visit

  • GWP does not visit residential customers to solicit program enrollment

If at any time customers are concerned about our procedures, they are encouraged to call our customer service department at 818-548-2070 for verification. If you notice any suspicious activity near your residence or are contacted by someone collecting money or impersonating City personnel, please contact the Glendale Police Department at 818-548-4911 immediately. Always look for a GWP vehicle with prominent logos and ask for GWP identification.


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