Surveys for the City of Glendale

The voices and visions of Glendale residents are what forge the future of our city. Knowing this, the City of Glendale provides several platforms and opportunities in hopes that every voice is heard, and every vision actualized.


Found below are the City of Glendale's official surveys. By providing your input, you are crafting policies that accurately reflect the interests of our diverse community. So speak up! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

To share with us what concerns you most about potential disasters, click HERE.

To influence Public Art in Glendale, click HERE.

To influence how marijuana is regulated in Glendale, click HERE.

To influence the pedestrian plan in Glendale, click HERE.

To let us know how we're doing on pedestrian safety outreach, click HERE.

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Glendale City Hall: 613 East Broadway Street

Contact: (818) 548-4844